Kris Bastiani

Expert in:

  • Preprocessor languages and tools such as Sass, Pug, and Babel
  • Front-end workflow tools such as Gulp and Webpack
  • VueJS
  • Team collaboration
  • Professional autonomy

Intermediate in:

  • ReactJS

About me

I am a Front-end Developer with over 6 years of experience, who is passionate about development that is accessible, modern, performant and adheres to standards that can be understood and followed by other developers who may work with my code.

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The Blix platform underwent an almost complete rebuild in late 2017, where back-end services were integrated with a Business Intelligence tool called Qlik Sense.

I was responsible for the front-end infrastructure; a static front-end was built and hosted on Amazon S3 and connects to both NodeJS and Qlik Sense via asynchronous requests.

To achieve this I developed a workflow using a combination of Gulp and Webpack to automate things including transpilation of ESNext to IE11 compatible JS, minification, asset hashing and automatic deployment of assets to S3 and JS sourcemaps to Rollbar for error monitoring.

Qlik Sense uses WebSockets to generate visualisations server-side before sending rendering information to the client. It ships with a set of visualisation options; however, as these were not flexible enough for our needs I developed several custom visualisations in JavaScript to work with Qlik.

As the connection to Qlik is established in the front-end, the visualisations need to be constructed in client-side JavaScript. This, along with the range of other things involved, resulted in a project of significant size. Thus, great care was taken in breaking the front-end down into reusable components for the sake of readability, maintainability and testability.

eg+ worldwide

eg+ worldwide

While at eg+ worldwide, my work ranged from EDMs to microsites to full-scale websites, requiring strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills, usually within tight deadlines.