Kris Bastiani



I am a Designer and Front-End Developer with both industry and freelance experience.
I'm constantly on the hunt for ways to expand my skills and to keep up to date with what can be done on the web.


Image: Pixal site

Build (as part of Pixal)
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Pixal was a brand refresh for an existing company; we had a mostly new team and with that new ambition. We wanted to revisit our brand to reflect who we now are, and also bring ourselves closer to our sister company Blix in the process. An obvious part of this was the need for a new site. Working in a Ruby-based environment, which is Pixal's standard, has been an interesting experience for me since starting there in mid 2016.

Riot Expert

Image: Riot Expert site

Design, Build
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This one is actually a case of helping out the family- my sister works in music management, and she needed a site to showcase the various projects she's taken on. I intentionally kept things simple as I was somewhat busy at the time, but I nonetheless feel that the design works nicely.

Myer Giftorium

Image: Myer Giftorium site

Build (as part of eg+)
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Myer's Christmas seasons have lately been punctuated by their Giftorium, and 2015 was no different. They approached eg+ Australia for a landing page that would engage and delight customers- but they didn't have much time to do it. within the short time frame we were able to bring their design to life, tackling the challenges it presented in terms of load times and performance.


Image: learn.nabtrade site

Build (as part of hub+, now eg+)
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Early in 2014, National Australia Bank's share trading division nabtrade approached eg+ Australia (then called hub+) with the intent to redesign a news and advice site they ran called learn.nabtrade. While the deadline was tight, we still managed to design and build something the client was extremely happy with.